Drop The Dead Donkey

Video Design for Drop The Dead Donkey: The Reawaking UK Tour. The show follows the original cast as they regroup to form Truth News. Inspired by modern news organisations, video design was used to build branding, titles and news segments for the fictional broadcaster.

UK Tour
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Written by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin.

Director: Derek Bond.

Set and Costume Designer: Peter McKintosh.

Lighting Designer: Peter Mumford.

Sound Designer: Ella Wahlström.

Video Designer: Dan Light.

Composer: Max Pappenheim.

Production Manager: Ben Arkell.

Props Supervisor: Prop Works.

Costume Supervisor: Yvonne Milnes.

WHAM Supervisor: Craig Forrest-Thomas.

Associate Video Designer: Lucy Rodgers.

Video Programmer and Associate: Sam Diaz.

Video System Designer: Steve Jackson.

Additional Video Engineering: Ieuan Watkins.

Re-Lighter: Toby Darvill.

Video Hires: SSS.

Photos by Manuel Harlan.

(LED Screen is edited to remove some gnarly photo moire 😢).