Instructions For A Teenage Armageddom

Video Design for Instructions For A Teenage Armageddon. Performing at the Garrick Theatre in the West End on top of another show, video design helped transform the space quickly. Inspired by teenage diaries and faux vintage scrapbooks, projections surrounded the performer and aided the direct address storytelling.

Garrick Theatre
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“Dan Light has created magic with the video design, using the three walls to create stunning pieces of visual art.”

Adventures in TheatreLand

"Dan Light’s video nails the faux-nostalgic aesthetics of a teenage diary."

The Guardian

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Performer: Charithra Chandran.

Writer: Rosie Day.

Director: Georgie Staight.

Set & Costume Designer: Jasmine Swan.

Lighting Designer: Rory Beaton.

Sound Design: Sam Glossop

Assistant Director: Hanna Khogali.

Produced by: Katy Galloway.

Production Manager: Toby Darvill.

Video Engineers: Tom Fitch and Ieuan Watkins.

Photos by Danny Kaan.